Experience the ultimate convenience of contactless, with everything you need just a tap away. Make contactless your new normal with Stell, the all-in-one digital pass platform.

Go Contactless with Stell

Design personalized contactless passes for loyalty, tickets, transit, access, and more with Stell's comprehensive contactless pass platform. Explore how Stell can deliver a premium experience using contactless technology to attract and retain customers seamlessly.

Seamless, Tailored Onboarding

Engage customers with a simple tap of their phone. A notification invites them to join your program. Distribute your passes through a variety of channels, including web, SMS, email, apps, and QR codes. This flexible, user-friendly solution ensures your passes are always at your customers' fingertips.

Streamlined Identification

With a single tap on a terminal, the appropriate pass is automatically selected, simplifying payments and identification. Stell can be integrated with payment systems or used independently, offering a versatile solution for businesses.

Relevant, Location-Based Engagement

Deliver timely, personalized offers to customers when they're in-store or nearby, tailored to their previous purchases, membership status, weather, and more. Geofencing operates without tracking the customer, ensuring a secure, personalized experience.

Unlock the Future

Transform Your Customer Experience with Stell's Innovative SaaS Platform

Step into a world of innovation with our platform. Craft unique customer experiences, boost engagement, and build loyalty, all through the magic of contactless technology and digital wallets.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Elevate customer loyalty with innovative NFC technology. Deliver real-time updates, reward balances, and exclusive offers directly to their smartphones, crafting a personalized experience that drives repeat business.

An iPhone showcasing a contactless loyalty card in Apple Wallet. A simple tap at the terminal allows customers to redeem their loyalty points.

Seamless Online Order Pickup

Revolutionize the shopping experience with a seamless online order pickup solution. Forget about long lines and tedious reference number searches. A simple smartphone tap does the job.

An iPhone displaying a contactless BOPIS card in Apple Wallet. Customers can tap their phone at the terminal to pickup their order.

Digital Membership Access

Transform the way your members access their benefits with our digital membership cards. No physical card, no problem.

An iPhone displaying a contactless membership card in Apple Wallet. Members can tap their phone at the terminal for a hassle-free check-in.

Easy-to-Redeem Coupons

Delight your customers with easy-to-redeem digital coupons. Send personalized notifications for new offers, keeping them engaged and eager for more.

An iPhone displaying a contactless coupon in Apple Wallet. Customers can tap their phone at the terminal to redeem their savings.

Sustainable Gift Cards

Embrace sustainability with our digital gift cards. Deliver a seamless gifting experience with automated tracking and redemption features.

An iPhone displaying a contactless gift card in Apple Wallet. Customers can tap their phone at the terminal to redeem their gift.

Streamlined Boarding

Revolutionize travel with our digital boarding passes. Deliver real-time updates on flight status, gate changes, and delays, directly to your travelers smartphones.

An iPhone displaying a contactless boarding pass in Apple Wallet. Travelers can tap their phone at the terminal for a seamless boarding experience.

Efficient Event Management

Redefine event management with digital tickets. Keep your attendees informed with real-time event updates, enhancing their overall experience.

An iPhone displaying a contactless concert ticket in Apple Wallet. Attendees can tap their phone at the terminal for a seamless entry to the event.

Innovative Stamp Cards

Reimagine your loyalty program with our digital stamp cards. Empower customers to effortlessly earn stamps and rewards with a simple tap of their smartphones.

An iPhone displaying a contactless stamp card in Apple Wallet. Customers can tap their phone at the terminal to earn their rewards.

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Connect with Confidence

Connecting Brands and Customers

Experience the magic of Stell, where seamless connections are created effortlessly. Our platform securely integrates your brand with customer data, crafting a captivating experience for your customers.

Real-Time Data Streaming
Experience the power of real-time data with our webhook subscriptions. Stay informed and updated with your pass data as it happens. From pass creation to updates and redemption, we keep you in the loop.
Uncompromised Security
Your data security is our priority. We use a unique encryption key to securely transmit pass information, timestamp, and a single-use random ECDH P-256 key to the terminal. Rest assured, your data is always under lock and key.
Robust API
Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, enabling you to automate your pass programs and streamline operations. With Stell, integrating with systems like CRM, marketing automation, and loyalty systems is a breeze.
Universal Compatibility
Our pass platform is universally compatible, working seamlessly with both Apple Wallet and Google Wallet. This ensures that no matter your customer device preference, Stell has you covered.

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